Friday, December 18, 2009

The Death of WFRP--and Old School Integrity


I was just reading some various reviews of WFRP 3--the new, "innovative" re-imagining of the old WFRP 2 done up by GW/BI/Green Ronin. Wait...WFRP 2....wasn't really "old", now was it? As I recall...WFRP 2 was an outstanding, thorough, and lavish up-dating of the original WFRP that dated to 1986! In addition, WFRP 2 seemed to be universally well-received, by old fans and many, many new converts. Then, *bam*--GW sells the rights to FFG. A bit later, FFG introduces this new game. Apparently, in the previous few years, Green Ronin/BI had already produced all of the major "money-makers" for the system, so, there wouldn't be much for FFG to gain..apparently...by merely producing sourcebooks and modules for the beloved system. Thus, so as to create their own cash-cow, they had to reinvent the wheel.

The new system may be a great game--and most of the reviewers seem to think it is. However, my point is *WHY*? The WFRP 2 system DID NOT NEED DRAMATIC CHANGES. This is merely change for naked greed. No sense of respect for the artistry and integrity of the then-current system--or the devoted fans that had spent considerable bucks in buying the WFRP 2 library....yeah, much like the D&D 3.5 fans, they're screwed now, too.

The whole process of making a new WFRP 3 just seems not only pointless and entirely unnecessary from an artistic and game-point of view--but rankles of such greed as to leave me with a terrible sense of disgust.

I am reminded of the integrity and wisdom of Gary Gygaxx...when he discussed the need for new supplements and modules--but also of the importance of not deluging the customers and fans with needless, gratuitous, or unnecessary expansions and revisions.

When I read of--yet another--commercialized shagging of the fan-base by corporations...all in the search for *profit* and securing some ever elusive "market penetration" it makes me overjoyed that I have decided to return to my "Old School" roots. I can with many members of the OSR community, and small companies, be encouraged that new product is being produced for our benefit--without feeling like we've been ran over by a herd of elephants and left on the roadside.

Semper Fidelis,


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