Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Campaign Gazeteer 1


I thought I would mention a few things concerning the starting campaign area, and character generation.

(1) Gnomes are not available as a player-character race. Any reference to the *Gnome* language for other available races, i.e, elves, etc, instead gain the language slot for a different language.

(2) Plate mail, plate armour, etc, is not commercially available in the immediate campaign area.

(3) I shall soon post a campaign gazeteer, noting some basic information, common knowledge, as well as rumors, etc.

N.B. Languages are important in the campaign, and "Common" is essentially an adulterated and rough form of Common Vallorean, which is used as a prevalent trade language. It allows conversation concerning prices, weights and measures, general and basic concepts of commerce, as well as simple concerns such as directions, food, first aid, and weather. It is not especially a proper conversational language, but serves as a bridge between total strangers to affect trade, or immediate, simple concerns. Thus, knowledge of particular languages and dialects is critically important. Furthermore, speaking in the native tongue of a particular person engaged with the character gains the benefit of a positive reaction bonus.

I will note various languages available in the campaign area soon. In addition, unless the particular player character is of said race, elven, dwarven, and other such languages are not available.

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