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Half Troll

Half Troll


According to the ancient Ussallia myth-cycle of the Karvallia, in mist-shrouded bygone ages when the world was still a land torn by seething chaotic energies unleashed by the titans, many of the world’s races were first created then. The titans were angry and jealous when the gods created the elves and dwarfs, among others as well, such as the humans. The titans brooded for a time, and then they exploded in a storm of rage and set forth to create many races themselves. In great wrath, the titans gathered up primordial earth and stone, and formed the first trolls. The trolls were mixed with icy rain from bitter, cold northern storms; sprinkled with searing blood of the mighty divine titans; soaked in the primal mud of the deep earth; and then breathed upon by the winds of hate and fury. The titans brought forth their new, dark creations, and just before the trolls were awakened by the titans, the dark, black clouds that loomed over all the northern mountains were torn open by a gleaming ray of bright, glorious sunshine from the heavens above. At that moment, as the trolls sleeping forms were bathed in the glorious radiance, and the titans reared back in surprise and fear, the crack of righteous thunder rang out over the heavens, and a great burst of warm, gentle rain suddenly fell upon the land and the sleeping trolls alike. The gentle rains falling upon the trolls heralded a promise of hope and righteous redemption, even in the deepest and blackest night. The gentle, warm rains seeped into the forms of the trolls, and roaring with rage and fury, the mighty titans screamed their hate to the gods, and shed their angry, burning blood anew over the trolls in their final moment of slumber, and brought them to life.

The elder trolls awoke, and proceeded to wander the dark forests and mountains of the cold north, searching for a place to call their home. The trolls found a great mountain fastness to live in, and set about carving deep halls of stone, roaring pits of fire, and deep pools of icy, dark waters. The elder trolls then began to breed and multiply in vast numbers, and in those days they grew strong and mighty. In the cold darkness of their ancient mountain home, the elder trolls forged weapons of war and coats of shimmering mail, and trained great hosts for war. Some centuries past, and the after a mighty storm swept through the northern lands, the elder trolls sounded their great bronze war horns, and gates from the mountain deeps were opened wide, and vast troll armies marched forth to bring war, death and conquest to the lands of elves, dwarfs and men.

The trolls forged many great kingdoms, and ruled with a stern, cruel hand. The trolls enslaved great hosts of orcs, and tied their kingdoms together with broad roads of black basalt, lit by stone orbs of strange, mystical fire, and great bridges of stone, guarded by carved stone gargoyles. The troll kingdoms grew strong and prospered from immense wealth and treasures taken from the deeps of the land, as well as from all of the forests within their grasp; in conquest, too, the troll kingdoms grew rich from long caravans full of booty plundered from elf and dwarf cities, and whole regions of human villages sacked and laid waste; caravans of great wagons pulled by huge, fury mammoths dragged long lines of elf, dwarf, and human slaves, broken by heavy chains, and lashed with the cruel whip of an iron-fisted tyranny, fueled by an endless rage and seething hate of all that was of the Light. For long centuries, the Troll Wars raged, and many elfs, dwarfs and humans were slaughtered, conquered, or enslaved. The mighty trolls grew arrogant and haughty, and prepared their armies for new campaigns that would subjugate all of the lands of the north to their dark dominion. Such plans however, were interrupted by the arrival of a great elven army and fleet from the West. In those ancient days, the elves were mighty and unrivaled in glory, and assembled great armies against the trolls. The elves of the north, led by the elven kingdom of Dor’ Lomenath, had sent word to the ancient elven kingdom of Vaedrenar, in mystical islands far to the west. The mighty elf king of Vaedrenar heard the cry of his brothers of the north, and had assembled a vast host of elven warriors. The great King of Vaedrenar arrived, and marched against the trolls wreathed in clouds of lightning and thunder echoing in the wake of his armies. The elves also were joined by armies of dwarfs and men, and in great wrath preceded by vast storms and lightning from the heavens, the armies of Light fell upon the troll kingdoms.

In righteous glory and fire, the dark troll kingdoms were cast down; their dark mountain fortresses ripped open by fire; their troll and orc armies scourged by bright starfire from the heavens; great wrath and vengeance fell upon the trolls with terrible slaughter, and great storms of fire and smoke mixed with thunder and searing light. The troll people were scattered in storm-tossed winds, and crushed in fear and defeat. The long centuries of troll dominion had come to a dreaded, wrathful end.

During these ages, and some afterwards, troll armies had crushed many kingdoms and tribes in savage storms of blood, plunder and conquest. Many tribes of men were plundered and raped, and kept chained as slaves for centuries in the deeps of the troll’s great mountain citadels. In years after the troll kingdoms were cast down in wrathful defeat and ruin, some few tribes of trolls had turned away from darkness, and worshipped the gods of Light. These tribes of noble, proud trolls helped and befriended tribes of men, which were still struggling to survive in a dark, brutal world swarming with hordes of monsters and violent and wicked races of creatures loyal to the dreaded titans. From these two sources—one of Darkness and one of Light—half trolls came to be, and were given life.

From these ancient times of war and wrath, small bands and families of half-trolls have endured throughout lands in the far north; In evil tribes of trolls, increasingly becoming more barbaric, primitive, and consumed by primal rage and hatred, half troll children typically experienced one of three fates; half troll children were usually crushed under the dark chains of tyranny, brutality, and slavery; other half-troll children, in fear and hatred of their troll masters, managed to escape their bonds of slavery and fled into the wilderness; and other half-troll children—somehow, they grew strong and mighty under the lash, and savagely fought and clawed their way into positions of leadership and dominion within evil troll tribes. Meanwhile, in small tribes and communities of noble and kind trolls, half-troll children were nourished and welcomed. In human communities, most half-troll children were killed soon after they were born—however, some human families, being moved with love and compassion, stayed their hand of wrath, and kept the half-troll children, and raised them with love and devotion. Thus, to the current age, half-trolls have endured the ages, and continue to struggle in a world of shadows—part darkness and part light, hatred, fear and cruelty mixed with love, compassion and friendship.

Physical Appearance

Half-troll characters are always large and powerful in build, and also very tall. Half-trolls are naturally savage and ferocious, and possess great skills in war. In addition, however, half-trolls are also deeply spiritual, mystical, and reverent towards natural animals and the natural world. Many half-trolls possess strange, mystical powers and have a keen talent for magic and sorcery. Half-trolls possess deep insight into the mystical realms, as well as possessing great talents in crafts and smithing, especially when working with jewels, metal and stone. Half-trolls may follow the adventuring professions of Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, and Magic-User.

Half Trolls, much like humans and demi-humans alike, possess particular, unique appearances and characteristics. However, the troll-blood in them is very strong, and exerts a powerful influence over nearly every aspect of their appearance and demeanor. Half trolls, much like their ancient troll ancestors, possess odd features and a strange, unique tendency to typically be either ugly or attractive, with little room or incidence for average appearances. Having said that, the division of tendency is not equally divided; most half trolls, like full-blooded trolls, are quite ugly in appearance. A few however, transcend such common traits, and possess attractive features, and may even be very alluring in appearance.

Half trolls are ripped with thick, corded muscles, and have somewhat of a lean, gangly appearance, as their limbs—both their arms and legs—seem to be somewhat odd and a bit too long in a strange, disturbing way. Half troll’s hair—of whatever colour—is universally thick, wiry, and flares up and backwards much like a horizontal cone, with the large end flaring away from the half-troll’s head, providing the half-troll character with a perpetual appearance of a wild and humorous “Mad Scientist” look. The half-troll’s hair always grows in such a manner, and the half-troll can only change their hair’s appearance normally by shaving their heads bald—but their hair still grows back in the same manner, and takes the same crazy form.

Half trolls have large, piercing eyes, and tend to have large noses, often which are very pointed, though noses that are thick and rounded are also fairly common. Half trolls have large, broad mouths, and thin, cruel lips. Half trolls possess thick, wide brows, but otherwise grow no facial hair. Half trolls have larger, slightly pointed and flaring ears that extend horizontally from their head in a strange, comical fashion. Half trolls possess large, broad feet, and large hands with long, dexterous fingers—again, their fingers, like their arms and legs in general—appear to be frighteningly long for their hands, certainly more so than a humanoid’s hand is supposed to be like. Half trolls have eye colours in colours standard for their human parent, as well as potentially possessing very unusual, even bizarre eye colours. Half trolls typically have thick, tough and bumpy skin—or skin that is rich, smooth and attractive.

Half trolls have enormous appetites and always seem to be endlessly hungry, even if they just finished eating a large meal. Despite the fact that half-trolls are perpetually hungry, and often stuff their mouths with any food at hand, half trolls never become fat or otherwise overweight. Ugly half trolls—whatever their true feelings and disposition—have a cruel smile, and a wicked, hungry and lecherous gaze that most others find unnerving and disturbing. Others around the ugly half-troll—unless they know the character personally—often “feel” like the character has lecherous, wicked desires for them, or others around them; or that the half troll character nurtures a deep desire to eat them in some horrid feast. Attractive half-trolls—again, regardless of their true inner feelings and motives—always seem to have an appearance and demeanor that others consider alluring, enticing, protective, trustworthy—though also mysterious, and even mischievous.

Half trolls typically enjoy the heaviest, most ornate armour they can afford, as well as large, wicked-looking weapons, and gaudy, ostentatious jewelry. On occasion, half trolls may decorate their bodies with various piercings and tattoos, especially in troll tribal symbology and runic symbols. Half trolls also typically love wearing the furs, skins, teeth, and claws of various kinds of animals and monsters, as they are also deep believers in various mystical traditions, viewing such items as having the potential to be magical, or become magical through divine blessing or through mystical and heroic experiences—and also because half trolls have a natural fondness and joy in decorating themselves with such primal, natural items.

Half-troll characteristics and abilities are noted as follows:

Half-Troll Character Tables: Height and Weight

Base Male Half Troll Height: 6’10”-8’0”; (6’8”+2d8”);
Average Height: 7’4”
Base Male Half Troll Weight: 316-460-lbs; (300+16d10);
Average Weight: 380-lbs.

Base Female Half Troll Height: 6’6”-7’8”; (6’4”+2d8”);
Average Height: 7’0”
Base Female Half Troll Weight: 276-420-lbs; (260+16d10);
Average Weight: 340-lbs.

Half Troll Character Tables

Half Troll Character Table: Skin Tone
Dice Roll/Skin Tone
01-15%: Albino White
16-30%: Pale White
31-35%: Pale Grey
36-40%: Pale Grey-Blue
41-43%: Pale Blue
44-45%: Dark Royal Blue
46-48%: Pale Blue-Green
49-50%: Dark Blue-Green
51-70%: Pale Green
71-90%: Dark Green
91-95%: Deep Black
96-00%: Pale White/Grey/Blue/Green (Select one or roll randomly)—which is mottled with a darker contrasting colour.

Half Troll Character Table: Hair Colour
Dice Roll/Hair Colour
01-20%: Ebony Black
21-25%: Golden Blonde
26-30%: Platinum Blonde
31-50%: Pale Green
51-70%: Dark Green
71-75%: Milk White
76-80%: Dark Auburn
81-00%: Dark Green-Black

Half Troll Character Table: Eye Colour
Dice Roll/Eye Colour
01-10%: Pale Grey
11-20%: Iron Grey
21-30%: Ice Grey
31-40%: Black
41-50%: Blue-Grey
51-60%: Blue-Green
61-70%: Bright Blue
71-80%: Midnight Blue
81-90%: Ice Blue
91-00%: Golden Amber

Half Troll Abilities
Strength: 14-19 (Roll 1d6)
Dexterity: 3-12 (Roll 3d4)
Constitution: 14-19 (Roll 1d6)
Intelligence: 3-12 (Roll 3d4)
Wisdom: 3-12 (Roll 2d6)
Charisma: 8-16 (Roll 2d6+6)
Comeliness: Special (See Half Troll Comeliness Tables, below)

Half Troll Comeliness Table
Dice Roll/General Appearance
01-12%: Very Ugly—Comeliness score of 4
13-24%: Very Ugly—Comeliness score of 5
25-36%: Very Ugly—Comeliness score of 6
37-48%: Simply Ugly—Comeliness score of 7
49-60%: Simply Ugly—Comeliness score of 8
61-72%: Simply Ugly—Comeliness score of 9
73-74%: Unusually Average—Comeliness score of 10
75-76%: Unusually Average—Comeliness score of 11
77-78%: Unusually Average—Comeliness score of 12
79-80%: Unusually Average—Comeliness score of 13
81-84%: Unusually Attractive—Comeliness score of 14
85-88%: Unusually Attractive—Comeliness score of 15
89-92%: Unusually Attractive—Comeliness score of 16
93-96%: Unusually Attractive—Comeliness score of 17
97-00%: Very Attractive—Comeliness score of 18

Classes Available to Half-Trolls
Fighter—Advancement is unlimited
Ranger—14th level
Cleric—Maximum of 4th level
Magic-User—Maximum of 12th level*
Fighter/Cleric—Unlimited/4th level maximum
Fighter/Magic-User—Unlimited/12th level*

*Troll Magic

Troll Magic

Troll Magic is a particular style of specialized northern magic that is unique to the Trolls. Some trolls and half-trolls alike possess the divine blessing and have a natural talent for using Troll Magic. Troll Magic blends various aspects of arcane power with natural, elemental rituals from a forgotten age that are more in tune with Druidic practices. Essentially, Troll Magic uses a unique set of arcane spells, blended with Druidic magic. While Troll and Half-Troll mages are able to learn some of these spells from non-troll sources, most of their spells require Troll sources, either from ancient Troll books, or from Troll mages. While some sources of where or how a Troll mage gains spells may occasionally have differ, all Troll or Half Troll mages must seek out a Troll or Half-Troll mage to gain training to advance in every level of Troll Magic. In any event, even when a Troll or Half-Troll mage learns a spell from a non-troll source, the methodology, rituals and material requirements are distinct from even the same spells that non-troll mages may employ. It should also be noted that unique spells and aspects of Troll Magic cannot be learned or mastered by non-troll characters.

Half Trolls possess Infravision to a 60’ range.

Half-Trolls must spend a minimum of x3 expenses per day on food and drink, as their appetites are much greater than those of men. Furthermore, Half-Trolls must also spend a minimum of x2 expenses for any item of armour or weaponry, as such must be custom made for the Half-Troll, in proper fitting, balancing, and adjustments to the Half-Troll’s odd, out of balance frame and disposition.

A Half-Troll character suffers a +50% modifier to damage from fire-based attacks.

Unique to Trolls and Half-Trolls, however, is not only are they utterly fearless, but when they are subject to fire damage or burning from fire, Half-Trolls are swiftly overwhelmed by a savage, dark and fearless frenzy, and they enter a berserk rage lasting for 10 rounds +1 round per character level. During such a berserk rage, the half-troll fights at +2 To-Hit and Damage, and experiences strange and eldritch experience—from deep within the half-troll, the ancient troll blood hyper-activates and heals the character for an immediate burst of healing, restoring 50% of lost hit points caused by the fire attack that initiated the Troll Frenzy. The Troll Frenzy is exhausting, however, and at the end of the particular duration of the Troll Frenzy, the half-troll character immediately falls to zero hit points, and becomes unconscious, and is deeply exhausted. The character may be wakened, but will be deeply lethargic, suffering -6 on all dice rolls, checks and saves. Such penalties go away naturally at the rate of 1 point per day. The Half-Troll may accelerate such restoration, but doing so requires special herbs prepared according to particular recipes.

Starting Languages

Half Troll characters begin the game with the knowledge of Troll, Ogre, Orc, Yeti, Margoth, their appropriate alignment language, and an appropriate human language. However, Half Trolls of sufficient intelligence may learn a maximum of two additional languages. (Half Trolls may learn one new language if their intelligence is 11; one additional language again if their intelligence is 12; if by some means the half-troll gains an intelligence score above 12, the character remains restricted from learning any additional languages)


Half trolls generally embrace whatever political philosophies and social organization embraced by the culture and region they are raised in.


Half troll culture tends to reflect largely the dominant culture of the area and region in which they were raised, as there is no particular culture that is intrinsically unique to half trolls. Nonetheless, there are particular tendencies and attitudes that most half trolls cultivate or express within the context of their home culture of origin.
Half-trolls of noble and righteous character strive to serve the Light, and befriend their human brethren, even in the face of much of humanity’s hatred, fear and rejection of them. In the process, noble and righteous half-trolls also strive to honour their troll families and relatives, always seeking to deepen and protect the bonds of their troll relationships—which are often one of the few places in the entire world where half trolls enjoy love, respect, and acceptance. And yet, there are also some wandering trolls of noble and righteous character that have escaped from evil tribes of trolls, and they, in their wanderings, often have yet to find families, or acceptance, as they endure lonely, harsh lives in the frozen, dark wilderness as they nurture a solitary love and faith in righteousness and the gods of Light.

Half trolls possess the normal range of human emotions, passions and feelings—though heavily influenced by Troll tendencies for passionate, emotional extremes. When happy, half trolls are loud, joyous, cheerful and expressive—often contagiously so as they are eager and sincere in singing, dancing, laughing and feasting. Likewise, when angry, a half troll typically go into loud, violent and furious rages—or grimly brood in seething rage for days on end that is so implacably quiet as to be deafening in such dramatic silence.

While half trolls are subject to a range of insanities and emotional disorders in a similar manner as men, noble and good half trolls are nonetheless typically valiant, proud, daring, and compassionate. Half trolls are virtually fearless—at least for their own lives—and eagerly seek to live lives worthy of the ancient sagas of past heroic ages of glory. Half trolls love eating vast quantities of food and drink as well as being generally eager to try new foods and drink. Half trolls have a great love and passion for the mountains, forests, and the sea. Half trolls love being in rain storms, and are excited and fascinated by the sound of booming thunder and seeing the bright flash of lightning. While good half trolls are typically noble, honourable, valiant, compassionate and even kind—evil half trolls are cruel, domineering, arrogant, and scheming—as well as terrifyingly ruthless and immensely greedy and lascivious, possessing a deep, savage joy for war, conquest and dominion.

Whatever a half trolls’ disposition, all half trolls possess a deep love for all manner of gold, silver, gems, jewels and fine treasures. Half trolls by nature are curious and inquisitive, and often have great desires and compulsions to learn about magic, ancient mysteries, secrets, and whatever knowledge they may potentially gain. Even if the half troll is illiterate or uneducated, a driving curiosity and love for knowledge manifests itself in compelling ways. Many half trolls hoard books and scrolls, or seek out an audience with a renowned witch, bard or skald. For the half troll character, typically, merely finding such a person and gaining an audience is a fine and rich treasure in itself. Such experiences remain with half trolls for their entire lives, as a fond and cherished memory.


Half trolls, while being personally spiritual and having inner feelings and tendencies of expression concerning religion, they tend to embrace whatever the dominant religion of the region and culture they are raised with, as half trolls do not possess an intrinsically unique religion.


Half trolls are large, powerful, and ferocious humanoids, and skilled in war and individual combat. However, larger consciousness of warfare, styles of organization, training, tactics and formations are typically reflective of that of the culture and region in which the half troll was raised.

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