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Campaign Race: Urrgan (Wolf-Men)


Below, I present the Urrgan--a race of humanoid wolf-men that have been in my campaigns forever, since I created them many years ago when I was tired of having merely "evil" werewolves in the campaign, and I came upon a campaign development where I had a dominant human culture that featured a powerful war god that also had wolves as a sacred and favoured animal. The Urrgan have been a fun and intriguing component of my campaigns ever since. Enjoy!

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Campaign Race: Urrgan (Wolf-Men)

Urrgan characters gain a +1 bonus to Dexterity and Constitution when rolling their abilities at character generation. Such bonuses, however, cannot exceed the starting maximums. This simply represents the Urrgan being on average faster, and tougher than many other creatures.

Strength: Minimum: 9 Maximum: 18 (00) for males/18 (50) for females
Dexterity: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 18
Constitution: Minimum: 8 Maximum: 18
Intelligence: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 17
Wisdom: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 18
Charisma: Minimum: 3 Maximum: 15 (18 vs. other Wolf-men and canine races)

Age Categories
Young Adult: 6-11 (1d6+5)
Adult: 12-30 (2d10+10)
Mature Adult: 31-50 (1d20+30)
Old: 51-60 (1d10+50)
Venerable: 61-70 (1d10+60)

Classes Available
Fighter 10th Level (Starting age: 6+1d4)
Ranger 10th Level (Starting age: 9+1d4)
Cleric 9th Level (Starting age: 9+1d4)
Druid 11th Level (Starting age: 9+1d4)
Thief 10th Level (Starting age: 6+1d4)
Assassin 12th Level (Starting age: 8+1d4)*

*NB: Urrgan of evil alignments often choose to follow the Assassin class.

Move: 12"
Bite Attack:
Urrgan can make a bite attack (1d6 damage) in place of a weapon attack. At higher levels of ability, if the character gains the ability to make additional attacks, the Urrgan character can use the Bite Attack as one of the standard attacks available when fighting.
Keen Senses:
Urrgan are surprised only 1 in 6 (+25% on rolls to detect an invisible foe)
Track by Scent:
Urrgan have excellent senses, and may track foes, prey, and creatures by scent (as Ranger with base 50% in or outdoors, Rangers make both checks, if either is successful the creature(s) may be followed)
Rugged Metabolism:
Urrgan are famous for having exceptionally rugged metabolisms and are highly resistant to poisons and toxic substances, both injected or ingested. For every 3 1/2 points of Constitution ability, Urrgan gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against poisons. Urrgan prefer carnivorous diets high in proteins, though they are generally omnivorous, and can eat most kinds of creatures and animals, as well as various fruits and vegetables. Morally-speaking, Urrgan have no philosophical taboos concerning eating humanoids, though culturally, non-evil Urrgan generally avoid eating humans, elves, dwarves, and Halflings, for example. Urrgan do, however, greatly enjoy eating any humanoids that their home tribe or culture considers being an enemy or prey. When Urrgan must rely on packaged rations or food, whether by choice or circumstance, Urrgan must pay double standard costs for special rations of prepared meat, as Urrgan instinctually prefer meat over other types of food. Urrgan cannot merely *choose* to eat some kind of non-meat food, regardless of cost, when meat is available.
Racial Enemies:
Urrgan are natural enemies of Beastmen, Orcs, and Gnolls. Urrgan have had centuries of tribal warfare against these enemies, and their skill in fighting against such foes provides all Urrgan characters with a +4 bonus to AC.
Ferocious Howl:
Urrgan naturally growl, howl, yip, and make other strange canine noises as a matter of course. However, Urrgan can make an especially ferocious howl that inspires all allies within a 30-ft. radius. The Urrgan's Ferocious Howl also has a 90% chance of startling herbivores and causing them to flee. The Urrgan character and all allies within a 30-ft. radius gain a +2 bonus To-Hit when making attacks. The Ferocious Howl has a duration of 4 round/character level, and may be used no more than 3/day.

Thief Ability Adjustments
Pick Pockets: -10%
Open Locks: -5%
Find/Remove Traps: -5%
Move Silently: +10%
Hide in Shadows: +10%
Hear Noise: +20%
Climb Walls: -10%
Read Languages: 0

Reaction Adjustments: Unless dealing with other Urrgan characters, Urrgan suffer a -3 reaction penalty modifier regardless of their Charisma score.

Multiclass options: none
Languages: Native, bonus languages as per int (PC's get common free, npc's 75% likely to speak common)

Cultural Weapons Available
Urrgan characters may only select weapon proficiencies from the following Cultural Weapons at character generation. Of course, Urrgan characters may learn other weapon proficiencies as the campaign progresses, as they have opportunity to do so.

Weapon Proficiencies:
Bastard Sword, Club, Quarter Staff, Spear, Javelin, Hand Axe/Throwing Axe, Battle Axe, Wolf Claws (Variant of Tiger Claws), Bite Attack (Gaining proficiency in Bite Attack increases bite damage from 1d6 to 1d8) and Short Bow

Urrgan characters may select one type of Cultural Weapon of their choice, and gain a +1 bonus To-Hit when fighting with the selected weapon. This represents the Urrgan character's early training and focus on a favourite weapon.


Urrgan are a race of wolf-humanoids, with wolf-heads, furry bodies and limbs, and other canine features and attributes. Urrgan have bent-back legs, much like a wolf or dog possesses, though the Urrgan's legs are quite large and muscular, for they stand upright as men do. Urrgan have large, broad wolf-like feet, and clawed hands. The Urrgan's hands, while large and strong, with long fingers, have only small claws that are ineffective for making any kind of special attack. However, Urrgan can strike and pummel with their fist, as a normal humanoid might. Urrgan have excellent senses, especially hearing and scent. Urrgan can see well, and are active, excitable, and athletic. Urrgan have rugged metabolisms, and while preferably carnivorous, are generally omnivorous. Urrgan are typically between 6-7 1/2 feet in height, and weigh approximately 250-350-lbs. Urrgan have large mouths full of sharp teeth, and enjoy biting their enemies during combat. Urrgan are generally dark greyish in fur colouration, or greyish-black, though some are white, black, or pale grey. Urrgan have a broad range of eye colors, with grey, silver, brown, orange or gold being typical.

Urrgan originally come from a somewhat simple, primitive, and barbaric culture. Urrgan are politically and socially organized into tribes, led by a strong chieftain. Tribal leadership is organized around the chieftain, with honoured warlords, priests, druids, hunters, and other elders being accorded status and rank based on their merit and ability, which typically includes fighting prowess and strength, though also includes wisdom, judgment, and other contributions to the overall welfare of the tribe. Urrgan tribes typically live in a cluster of small communities and villages spread out and spaced as necessary, depending on the tribe's population. Regardless of the actual size of the particular tribe, Urrgan prefer to maintain their settlements and villages relatively close to each other. Urrgan tribes typically live in Sub-Arctic and Temperate forests and mountains.

The Urrgan have their own pantheon of gods, and besides worshipping these gods, Urrgan also embrace elements of Animism, believing in a wide range of spiritual and elemental beings, from spirits of individual animals and creatures, to River Spirits, Mountain Spirits, Lake Spirits, and Forest Spirits. Urrgan are devout, and simple in their religious practices and customs. Urrgan simply cannot comprehend other culture's or races complex theological philosophies, such as human's typical religious particularism. At best, Urrgan can sometimes equate various foreign gods with one of their own deities that seem similar. Urrgan are content with their religious philosophy, and whatever insight or wisdom they hold to, they are happy to share with others, though the concept of "proselytizing" or converting others to their particular religion seems an entirely foreign concept to them. Should someone have questions about the Urrgan's religion, Urrgan are sincere in all discussions or answering questions, though they are not terribly concerned if others "get" the Urrgan's religion or not. If others understand the Urrgan's religion, great. If they do not, then they do not. Urrgan are content with viewing such things as "It is what it is."

Though Urrgan have a generally easy-going, accepting religious philosophy, Urrgan do, however, possess a particular understanding of what is good, and what is evil. Urrgan are social creatures, and have strong family relationships, and cultivate deep and meaningful friendships. Urrgan are typically noble, loyal, valiant, and honourable. Most Urrgan are of some kind of Good alignment, whether they are lawful, chaotic or neutral in disposition and philosophy. Many Urrgan, however, tend towards being lawful good, as the Urrgan society and culture is good, hierarchical, lawful, and group-oriented. It should be noted, however, that there are some Urrgan tribes that are of neutral alignment, and even evil alignment, though such would be a distinct minority.

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