Monday, January 4, 2010

Does 4E Cause Amnesia or Drain 4E player's Creativity?


Well, I was reading various posts and discussions on the internet recently, and noticed several discussions where 4E fans were gushing about how great and enjoyable 4E is, especially compared to *any* older version of D&D, and made frequent commentary about how in 4E, a DM who places an orc in a 10x10 room just doesn't cut it, because the mobility and freedom of the new game has outstripped and surpassed anything that came before it in older editions. This newfound freedom and mobility allows characters to "swing from chandeliers"; "Tip over bookcases against foes" "leap and do acrobatic stunts"; and otherwise perform crazy stunts exploiting the environment constantly in every encounter.


When the hell did characters *stop* being able to do any of those things in older editions of D&D? Let's see...AD&D...players "swing from chandeliers"; "Tip over bookcases" and otherwise exploit the environment all the time, at every opportunity.

Does 4E cause Amnesia? Has 4E drained players and DM's of their creativity to such a degree that they need *rules* to tell them to "swing from chandeliers" and otherwise use the environment during encounters?

Just wow, you know. What the hell has happened in 4E?

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