Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sex, Racism and Slavery


Well, I've been reading a bit, and it seems that including the topics of sex, racism, and slavery in the campaign is a hot issue for many. People exclaim, with great "indignation" how shocked and horrified they are that any particular DM would dare to include such in the campaign! These self-satisfied folks claim that the "game" is no place for such topics, and they would never play in a campaign that included them, as they are either much too *squick, ewww!*--or they are simply entirely too inflammatory.

I confess a certain confusion at all the proclamations that any D&D campaign must be rated *G* or *PG-13* at best, so as to not offend anyone's precious sensibilities. It strikes me as supremely hypocritical and contradictory that many of these same gamers complain vehemently about how "bored they are with vanilla, scrubbed clean PG" D&D.

Well, which is it? Unless of course you do happen to be running a campaign with children, rather than a group of 21+ adult men and women, what else would they have if not "vanilla, scrubbed-clean PG" D&D, if they refuse to change the dynamics of a sanitized D&D game? After all, throughout good literature that inspires the D&D game, especially S&S, sex, racism, and slavery are not only common ingredients, but often serve as focal points of conflict, or excitement and drama.

I say, yes, bring on the sex, racism, and slavery! It adds many layers of complexity, as well as drama and fun to the game. Obviously, such topics must be integrated with care and attention--though there is no need to raise a hue and cry at the mere mention of including them, or expressing an interest and intention in doing so.

Semper Fidelis,