Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knight Orders


I have created some useful questions to prompt the design of knight orders within the campaign. I like them.


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Knight Orders have historically been very provocative--and even mysterious. The Knights Templar, the Hospitallers, the Teutonic Knights--all developed around the time of the Crusades, with new knight orders developing afterwards inspired by the orginal orders of knights. Knight Orders within the campaign are always interesting, and provide a great deal of depth and opportunity for not only player characters, but also for NPC's. Certainly, creating a particular knight order can be a rather intimidating prospect. However, a DM can create very interesting and detailed knight orders with just a bit of thought and work using the tables and rules provided herein.

The DM and players alike typically have many questions that need to be answered concerning any particular knight order in the campaign. Certainly, the following questions can serve as a springboard from which to gather the knowledge and build an evocative, detailed, and interesting order of knights to populate your campaign world.

(1) Whom Does The Order Serve?
(2) How Old is the Knight Order?
(3) Who is the Grand Master of the Knight Order?
(4) What Kind of Officers Does the Knight Order Possess?
(5) What Kind of Reputation Does the Knight Order Enjoy?
(6) How Influential is the Knight Order?
(7) How Many Knights are in the Knight Order?
(8) What Kind of Additional Forces Does the Knight Order Command?
(9) How Many Castles and Fortresses Does the Knight Order Possess?
(10) Does the Knight Order Possess Other Lands and Resources?
(11) How Wealthy is the Knight Order?
(12) What Kind of Heraldric Symbology is the Knight Order Known By?
(13) What Kind of Noble Code Does the Knight Order Live By?
(14) What Kind of Entrance Requirements Does the Knight Order Maintain?
(15) What are the Membership Benefits Enjoyed by the Knight Order?
(16) What Kind of Judicial System Does the Knight Order Enforce?
(17) Does the Knight Order Possess Special Authority and Power?
(18) What Kind of Great Secrets Does the Knight Order Keep?
(19) What Mystic Goal Does the Knight Order Pursue?
(20) Does the Knight Order's Headquarters Possess Special Features?
(21) Does the Knight Order Possess Any Mystical Relics?
(22) What Kind of Special Training Does the Knight Order Provide?
(23) What Kind of Special Allies Does the Knight Order Possess?
(24) Does the Knight Order Enjoy Any Glorious Blessings?
(25) Does the Knight Order Possess Any Great Enemies?

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