Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tudors Showtime Series


"The Tudors"--a dramatic series from Showtime is quite interesting, addictive, and entertaining. The series offers lush cinematography, costumes, and setting detail. The characterizations are intriguing, watching King Henry develop increasing megalomania as he gains absolute power; while Queen Anne Bolin, while initially seeming to be intelligent, alluring, and graceful--as well as attractive--she increasingly becomes, or it reveals itself--that she really isn't that bright; she is adolescent and immature in her emotions and ideals, as well as petty, capricious, conniving, jealous, and petulant. Many more dramatic characters appear, and the show is a good window into various political and religious issues which can face a kingdom, and, for a D&D game as well, the various court dynamics, intrigues and romances that can make things difficult, interesting, and challenging for any character in such a royal court environment.

Great stuff!

I highly recommend the series to everyone.

Semper Fidelis,


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