Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Enchanted Spellbooks


Spellbooks are great treasures to be gained for magic-users, and more than a few such spellbooks discovered are unusual in some manner. I love spellbooks, for they serve not merely as a reward for good play, but can also serve as adventure hooks, lore, and campaign development. It's always nice to have a quick and easy method to roll up some descriptions for spellbooks suddenly discovered by the players.

Semper Fidelis,



Spellbook Size
01-55% Small
56-75% Large
76-90% Huge
91-00% Enchanted

Spellbook, Pagecount
01-40% Standard
41-70% Large
71-90% Huge
91-00% Enchanted

Spellbook Features
01-40% Mundane
41-60% Unusual
61-75% Rare
76-90% Mystical
91-00% Legendary

Spellbook Knowledge
01-30% Mundane
31-60% Unusual
61-75% Rare
76-90% Mystical
91-00% Legendary

Spellbook Defenses
01-25% Standard Properties
26-50% Standard Properties, plus Lock
51-75% Standard Properties, plus Lock, plus Trapped
76-00% Standard Properties, plus Lock, Trapped, and Enchanted

Spellbook Form and Decoration
01-05% Standard Form, Simple Decoration
06-25% Standard Form, Standard Decoration
26-45% Standard Form, Fine Decoration
46-60% Standard Form, Rich Decoration
61-70% Standard Form, Exotic Decoration
71-72% Strange Form, Simple Decoration
73-76% Strange Form, Standard Decoration
77-82% Strange Form, Fine Decoration
83-90% Strange Form, Rich Decoration
91-00% Strange Form, Exotic Decoration


  1. Wow. I was just thinking about this...just like the pools. Great and useful stuff. Consider this copied and pasted. Thanks!

  2. Greetings!

    Timeshadows: Thanks! I'm glad you like the article!

    The Rusty Battle Axe: *smiles* Brilliant minds think alike! You're welcome, my friend! I'm glad you like the article. Hmmm...I was wondering though...do you all think I should expand the detail on some things, like the different levels of the features, knowledge, and defenses, for example? Or leave it vague, and undefined?

    Semper Fidelis,


  3. I can think of two things that would be cool to add (from my perspective). One would be total spell levels contained and the other would be more detail on the defense--cursed, trap, enchanted, etc.